uninspired quote
Status quo is for the uninspired – Brian Neil Roy


author definition quote
An author in its barest definition is a developing narrative. – Brian Neil Roy


Completing a novel
I was once asked what it felt like to finish a novel. . . – Brian Neil Roy


True Love Quote
True love is the act of saving your soulmate from a less fortunate life. – Brian Neil Roy


Defeat quote
Defeat is only defined within your own mind. -Brian Neil Roy


Similarities differences quote
It is not the similarities that attract, but differences that reveal true beauty. -Brian Neil Roy


progress quote
Progress is not possible unless there is something to improve. – Brian Neil Roy


death quote
Death is not the opposite of life. It is just a line in the sand.  – Brian Neil Roy


success quote
Success is a metric which is owned solely by the beholder. -Brian Neil Roy