Code name: Tabitha is in Progress

I am excited to announce a new series (Code name: Tabitha) Stay tuned for more information and contests involving this exciting young adult, coming of age, fantasy series.  

Short Stories


Description: There are two things we have for sure: mind and body. People have lost their mind, but what happens if you don’t own your body? CHAPTER 1  Bankal reached up with his left arm, attempting to loosen the tension of the chains strapping his wrists to the ceiling. He gritted his teeth as his fingers […]

Flash Fiction

The Heart Island Anomaly Has Been Released

Description: The year is 326 A.E. For a thousand years, humans have orbited Earth, waiting for the planet to resurface. The mission was a success except for two small island chains. Some anomalies were not accounted for. Something is there, something ancient, something dangerous. A single man wakes on the Heart Island. Alone and injured, […]