Tabitha (Series)

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Anadel (short story)

There are two things we have for sure: mind and body. People have lost their mind, but what happens if you don’t own your body?

-Anadel is a riveting short story of a visitor on the search for his true identity.

You can find more information and reviews in Anadel

The Heart Island Anomaly (Novel)

The year is 326 A.E. For a thousand years, humans have orbited Earth, waiting for the planet to resurface. The mission was a success except for two small island chains. Some anomalies were not accounted for. Something is there, something ancient, something dangerous. A single man wakes on the Heart Island. Alone and injured, with no memory of who, where, or when he is, he struggles for survival one heart-pounding step at a time.

You can find more information and reviews in The Heart Island Anomaly.