The Heart Island Anomaly – Chapter 3

A low murmur emanated from the trees on the northern side of the island. Cretus, weakened from the last storm, sat on his throne. He could feel them coming. He could sense the proximity of the necklace. He could smell their blood. He had been waiting for this for nearly a thousand years.

With a click in his voice, he called to his minions.

Seconds later, three blackened beings with their heads down floated into the chamber. Clothed in long jute robes, masking their red eyes with hoods, they surrounded him.

“I can feel the necklace; the bloodline of my brother is close!” Cretus shook, raising his hands. “There is a ship entering the outskirts of the island chain. It is further than you have reached before. Bring the ship in.” Cretus commanded, in a deep resonating voice, echoing off the cavern walls. Bubbles of red liquid metal from the depths of the land threw shadows across his throne. He raised his hand and the beings vacated the room to start their task.

A storm was coming.

Deep within the bowels of the caverns, Cretus looked across the room at a skeleton, outstretched and weak, on a raised stone slab next to a blackened pool. His brother. Cretus laughed at the possibility to finally finish him.

Murmurs from afar increased in volume as the charred, blackened beings could be heard chanting louder and louder, summoning a deep storm off the shoreline.

“You are too weak, brother,” the skeleton hissed from the stone slab. Cretus knew his brother was right. This was the opportunity of a lifetime, but he may have failed already.

“Still to this day you doubt me as you lay there, weakened under my hand. You’re barely alive, and you can’t stop me,” Cretus roared.

“My son will stop you. He knows how to find you. He knows your weaknesses.” The skeleton sneered.

“Brother, there are so many things you don’t know. I won’t waste my time with the details, but suffice to say, he knows nothing of the sort,” Cretus said, his laughter reflecting off the blackened walls of the cavern. He floated over to the blackened pool below the stone slab. Cretus leaned over the skeleton of his brother and screamed. “I will kill the girl and the father! I will kill your sad excuse of a son! He will die!”

Echoes from the outburst shook to the core of the island. At the southernmost tip, the skeleton’s son was slowly burning alive.

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