Anadel Chapter 4

He opened his eyes to the dungeon. The guard was in his face. It was the first time Bankal had transported without warning. No flicker. No vibration. He was just suddenly here.

A sharp pain shot through his chest. He looked down to see the sword. The guard jerked it upwards. The old man’s blood poured down the blade.  The room began to fade. It was not the same flicker of being transported. The warmth was ripped from this body as the old man bled out. Bankal had no energy to scream. Inwardly, he shook. He had never been in a body who died before.

What is going to happen? I need to transport.

Bankal focused on the feeling, but nothing came. He could not force himself to go back to Brian’s body. To Anadel.

Suddenly, the world faded to black. In front of him laid a tunnel with a bright light at the end. It was a brilliant white with a tinge of yellow. It was too difficult to look at it directly.

“This can’t be right. I am not here. This is not my body,” Bankal said. The words dropped in the dead air, muted. The old man’s body faded to an empty shell and disappeared completely. All that existed was Bankal’s mind and the blinding light.

Suddenly, Bankal felt a pull. The draw was powerful. It felt like a magnet dragging him toward the light. His mind struggled. It was sucking him in. He felt remorse for the man he had killed.

Will I be punished? Will I ever get back to Anadel?

Feet away from the light, Bankal submitted to his fate. The light invaded his mind.

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